My 100th post and… A PowerShellisfun logo!

I just realized that my previous blog post was my 100th one 🙂 And to celebrate that… I used Fiverr to let someone create a logo for my website because… I’m not that creative to develop one myself 😉

And as you can see in the header image of my website, this is the one I selected from Lordoflogo :

My requirements for the logo were simple… It should incorporate the Windows PowerShell logo… So, so it’s a PowerShell face and my website URL 🙂

I also changed the Favicon, the icon you see in the browser tabs you have opened, to match the logo:

And I would like to say: Thank you for visiting my website and GitHub page. Seeing the number of views and comments on my post… Always make me want to improve! You are the real MVP 🙂

5 thoughts on “My 100th post and… A PowerShellisfun logo!

  1. Hi!
    Your favicon is barely visible on my (Firefox) tabs.
    I’m having a clear theme; tab background color is #f2f5e9.
    The logo is nice and clear, but according to me, it misses the “fun” part.

    • In my Edge and Chrome browser I can see the logo and I’m running Dark Mode. It is small, I agree, but visible but not in bright/clear themes 🙁 And perhaps the mouth of the logo shouldn’t be flat but more like a smile, I do think it looks better with the long line next to it and as the cursor in a PowerShell prompt.

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