Recent podcasts I was a guest on

I listen to podcasts often, but I also view a lot on YouTube or other channels… But being in one, that’s something else 🙂 In this blog post, I will post the ones I was in this year. They are all PowerShell-related, but I guess you already knew that 😀

WorkplaceDudes at Experts Live 2023

This was the first one. Jeroen Burgerhout asked me to be it. A PodCast room, more like a little greenhouse, was at the Experts Live convention at Congress 1931 in ‘s-Hertogenbosch. First, they had a session with Dona Sarkar, Microsoft Accessibility, and then it was my turn 🙂

Note: My part of the session was in Dutch

Ask Me Anything session with ScriptRunner

You can see the ScripRunner banner on my website’s right side of the screen. ScriptRunner is a software solution that allows the delegation and automation of administrative tasks. I spoke with them at Experts Live 2022 and kept in touch with Heiko since then because… We are both PowerShell enthusiasts, and they helped me sponsor my website when I stopped using Google Ads!

We discussed PowerShell, Automation, Cloud, Microsoft, and more in the Ask Me Anything session. I had fun doing this very casual session!

The PowerShell Podcast

One of my followers on Twitter, Justin Emmons, mentioned the guys from The PowerShell Podcast that I should be in one of their sessions 🙂 Andre Pla contacted me, and I joined their Podcast, which was posted this week 🙂 This was also a nice casual talk with the guys from PDQ!

“We had a cool chat with Harm Veenstra, the guy behind We got into some neat PowerShell stuff like Out-ConsoleGridView and the -PassThru parameter. Harm also gave us the lowdown on when to quit the cloud and spilled the beans on running his blog. Plus, he shared how he keeps up with the quick mojo of the tech world. Tune in for a fun and laid-back tech talk!”

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