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Learning things about PowerShell

One thing I get asked often is where I can learn things about PowerShell. How do you keep up with the latest things? In this blog post, I will show you a few resources which I use to see what’s new 🙂


I drive a lot for my work, going to my customers or the office. Usually, it’s at least an hour to and from those locations. I Don’t listen to the radio, but I listen to podcasts 🙂 Not all are purely PowerShell, and they are about IT and Tech. These are the ones that I listen to on Spotify:

Microsoft Tech Community

I visit it daily to see people’s questions and challenges regarding PowerShell, and I’m a frequent contributor there. You can visit the site here and join the discussions or drop a question there if needed…

PowerShell and DSC Team Channel on YouTube

The PowerShell team posts the Community Call video monthly with all the details about upcoming features. It is an excellent chance to see the people from Microsoft and the community and hear their latest news. Visit and subscribe to it here.


There are a lot of channels out there, but I follow these two for tips/questions/news, etc.:


I follow three Communities there:


I follow the PowerShell Power Users group there, which has lots of news!


I follow just one in Slack for tips and questions: The PowerShell-help channel.

X (Twitter)

As a fond Twitter / X user, I follow a lot of people, and these stand out in my opinion:

Or you can check #PowerShell, of course 🙂


And there are lots more, which ones do you use? Any tips or thoughts? Let us know in the comments!

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