Report Scheduled Tasks on servers that have local or domain accounts configured

For one of our customers, I needed to create a report of all Scheduled Tasks on their servers with a local or domain account configured. They needed this report because they are switching to more strict Group Policies and needed to know what user accounts should have the "Log on as a batch job" right. In this blog post, I will show you how to create that report 🙂

Using Send-MgUserMail as the Send-MailMessage replacement

I used the Send-MailMessage cmdlet a lot in the past for testing Receive Connectors in Exchange or emailing reports in scheduled PowerShell scripts. When you try to use the Send-MailMessage cmdlet, it has been showing you this message for quite a while now: WARNING: The command 'Send-MailMessage' is obsolete. This cmdlet does not guarantee secure connections to SMTP servers. While no immediate replacement is available in PowerShell, we recommend you not use Send-MailMessage. See for more information. In this blog post, I will show you the new way of sending emails using Send-MgUserMail.