Test if Microsoft services TCP ports are accessible

In a previous blog post, I showed a way to retrieve all the Microsoft Services FQDNs, ports, and IP-Addresses. Nice to know those in secure environments where not everything is allowed to go onto the internet, but how can you test if they are accessible? This blog post will show how to test most of these services using PowerShell.

Get all Microsoft IP and FQDNs for their services

When you are in an environment with strict internet access, you need to figure out what to open to what destination for Microsoft services like Exchange Online, Teams, Endpoint Manager, and so on. Microsoft publishes this on their website but in the blog post, I would like to show you a nice way of outputting … Continue reading Get all Microsoft IP and FQDNs for their services

Text-To-Speech using PowerShell

Just a little fun thing for a Friday, text-to-speech! We used this many years ago at the office, sending this to the laptop of a colleague and having fun while he's trying to figure out where the voice is coming from 🙂 Table Of ContentsshowHow it worksThe script How it works There is a System.Speech … Continue reading Text-To-Speech using PowerShell