Today the powershellisfun website reached 50.000 views! Did not expect it to grow that fast, on September 19th of this year it reached 25.000 views and so it doubled in almost three months! Thanks for all the comments and likes here and in the Tech Community forum, I like sharing things and helping out people with IT-related things 🙂 At the end of this year, two weeks from now, I will put a list together of the most popular topics and posts of this year. Some things are way more popular than other things and that makes me think that I should write about those a bit more but I'm open to suggestions 😉 Have a nice weekend!

Active Directory Infra check using PowerShell

Some of our customers have an Active Directory environment that needs upgrading. To get a good overview of their environment, I always check many things before writing a report and a recommendation about which steps we need to take. In this blog post, I will show you a script that gathers information about the Active Directory Domain, which saves a lot of command-line checking and starting up Management Consoles 😉