Test if Microsoft services TCP ports are accessible

In a previous blog post, I showed a way to retrieve all the Microsoft Services FQDNs, ports, and IP-Addresses. Nice to know those in secure environments where not everything is allowed to go onto the internet, but how can you test if they are accessible? This blog post will show how to test most of these services using PowerShell.

Create a report on local DNS lookups using PowerShell

When troubleshooting a system, you sometimes need to know what DNS lookups are being done. This will give you a good insight into traffic from the systems to the local network or internet. You can do this with DNS auditing on your Windows server or in your local Pihole server, but that's not always available … Continue reading Create a report on local DNS lookups using PowerShell

Report on Active Directory Container permissions using PowerShell

In a previous blog post (Link), I showed a way to create a report on OU (Organizational Unit) permissions. One of the replies I got about that was: How about the Container permissions, those are important too 🙂 And that's correct, they are! In this blog post, I will show you how to create a report on those (Script is based on the OU report)

Create a TCP/UDP port listener using PowerShell

One of our customers is securing his network and firewall changes were made that needed to be tested. In this case, the new servers were not deployed in that specific network yet. But... We did want to test the connections before deploying the servers 🙂 In this blog post, I will show you a way how to create listening ports on a machine in order to test the connection from another network using netcat on Linux or portqry on Windows.