Retrieve local and remote PowerShell logs

There are a few PowerShell EventLogs and some files containing your PowerShell history and the commands, script blocks, etc., that you have used. This can be very helpful if your computer or servers are hacked at your office. Or, if you just want to check things 😉 In this blog post, I will show you how to retrieve all those events locally and remotely and save those in an Excel sheet.

Intune Proactive Remediation for “Microsoft Windows Unquoted Service Path” / CVE-2013-1609, CVE-2014-0759, CVE-2014-5455

Microsoft Defender has security recommendations for the "Fix unquoted service path for Windows services.” (CVE-2013-1609, CVE-2014-0759, CVE-2014-5455) These might be reported for things like Dell services, and you can fix them manually by editing the Registry on the affected device. But... There is an easier way 🙂 This blog post will show you how to create a Proactive Remediation in Intune for it.

Import Exchange Relay Connector IP-Addresses to IIS SMTP instance

For one of our customers, who's moving away from their On-Premise Exchange 2016 server, I needed to move all the relay connectors (Used by legacy applications, appliances, and hardware) to an IIS SMTP instance. It's pretty straightforward, but... Adding the long list of addresses myself... No 🙂 In this blog post, I will show you how to easily migrate the IP addresses from a Receive Connector into an IIS SMTP instance.

Retrieve all local group members of Active Directory member servers

For one of our customers, we needed a report on all local groups, and their members on all Active Directory joined servers. You can connect all servers one by one with Computer Management and check... But, luckily, PowerShell is there for you 🙂 In this blog post, I will show you an easy way to get a report on the memberships, and yes... I used the ImportExcel module, too (Needed for the Export-Excel cmdlet) 😀