Text-To-Speech using PowerShell

Just a little fun thing for a Friday, text-to-speech! We used this many years ago at the office, sending this to the laptop of a colleague and having fun while he's trying to figure out where the voice is coming from 🙂 Table Of ContentsshowHow it worksThe script How it works There is a System.Speech … Continue reading Text-To-Speech using PowerShell

Create a focus time countdown clock using PowerShell

Sometimes you really need to finish something and notifications from your running programs keep taking away your focus... You can try using the script in this blog post to keep focused on your task, when the count-down timer is done your programs will be available again. Hope this helps 🙂 Table Of ContentsshowWhat is focus … Continue reading Create a focus time countdown clock using PowerShell

10.000 views and a bit of personal history

First of all, I would like to thank you all! Thanks for visiting my site and responding to things I post here and on Facebook, LinkedIN, Twitter and GitHub. 10K views from March until now and just above 5,5K visitors, happy to see these numbers! In this blogpost I will tell you some more things about me and why I like PowerShell 🙂

Get a random 9GAG item in your browser using PowerShell

Brighten up your day when starting a new PowerShell session by... Getting a 9GAG item (Picture/movie clip) in your browser 🙂 Was working on parametersets and got side-tracked into this script, start it and you will receive a random category 9GAG post in your browser unless it's NSFW because you wouldn't want that .. Right? 😉