Remote Visual Studio Code PowerShell development on a Windows Sandbox instance

You can develop PowerShell scripts on your workstation and run and test them there too... But sometimes... That's not what you want. You could break your workstation with PowerShell code, and your workstation is not clean with all features installed, or settings enabled that your target systems don't. And that's where Visual Studio Code and its Remote SSH extension come into play. This blog post will show you how to combine that with a Windows Sandbox instance.

Intune Proactive Remediation for “Microsoft Windows Unquoted Service Path” / CVE-2013-1609, CVE-2014-0759, CVE-2014-5455

Microsoft Defender has security recommendations for the "Fix unquoted service path for Windows services.” (CVE-2013-1609, CVE-2014-0759, CVE-2014-5455) These might be reported for things like Dell services, and you can fix them manually by editing the Registry on the affected device. But... There is an easier way 🙂 This blog post will show you how to create a Proactive Remediation in Intune for it.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen issues (Fixed)

Currently, my blog site is blocked by SmartScreen... Again 🙁 Because it's a SmartScreen issue, the site still works in Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. I created a support ticket for it again, asking for an explanation and awaiting a response. If you could also report it as safe, that might speed up things! Hopefully, they can tell me what and why. I post blogs with script examples with no malicious code in them...