Retrieve Email DNS records using PowerShell

I have been doing a lot of Exchange on-prem to Exchange Online migrations over the last few years, because of that I use a lot for querying MX, SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records. Wouldn't it be convenient to get a simple overview of those records in a PowerShell function? This blog post will show you how šŸ™‚

Copy Exchange Receive Connector Settings using PowerShell

Currently working on rebuilding a failed Exchange 2016 DAG node, installing Exchange, and getting the databases in sync again... And then you remember that the Anonymous Relay settings are something that's configured on each node separately and it contains a lot of IP-addresses šŸ™ This blog post shows you a way to copy an existing Receive Connector to a new Exchange server easily!

How to create a report on PST files in your environment

Recently I'm working on an Exchange migration from an Exchange 2016 environment to Exchange Online, the company had a lot of PST archives on home directories which we could import as an Online Archive for the users. But there also were a lot of PST files on department File Shares that needed to be inventoried, this blog post describes how to create a report on those files.