Intune Proactive Remediation for “Microsoft Windows Unquoted Service Path” / CVE-2013-1609, CVE-2014-0759, CVE-2014-5455

Microsoft Defender has security recommendations for the "Fix unquoted service path for Windows services.” (CVE-2013-1609, CVE-2014-0759, CVE-2014-5455) These might be reported for things like Dell services, and you can fix them manually by editing the Registry on the affected device. But... There is an easier way 🙂 This blog post will show you how to create a Proactive Remediation in Intune for it.

Microsoft Defender SmartScreen issues (Fixed)

Currently, my blog site is blocked by SmartScreen... Again 🙁 Because it's a SmartScreen issue, the site still works in Chrome, Firefox, and other browsers. I created a support ticket for it again, asking for an explanation and awaiting a response. If you could also report it as safe, that might speed up things! Hopefully, they can tell me what and why. I post blogs with script examples with no malicious code in them...

Using the preview version of the WinGet PowerShell Module

I've been using the WinGet command-line version for quite some time now, and I am pleased with the apt-get-like installation method for installing/updating/removing software on my Windows machines. (WinGet is also the new Windows Store installation option for Microsoft Intune) But there's also a PowerShell module for WinGet, still in preview (Alpha) but very functional already. I will show you how to use that module in this blog post.