Overview of 2022 posts

It’s almost the end of the year, and always a time to reflect on the year. In this blog post, I will list the blog posts that were read the most 🙂

Top 10 blog posts

#10 Deploy a Hyper-V VM and register it for Autopilot automatically using PowerShell

Wrote this script because I do a lot of Intune testing on Hyper-V VMs, and setting those up is repetitive, and always nice to automate things, of course 🙂 This post received 1050 views, and you can find it here

#9 Retrieve all local group members of Active Directory member servers

I used this to get an overview of permissions given inside local groups on servers, the Active Directory service is nice and central to read permissions from. Still, it’s all in the local database on member servers and not visible in a few clicks. This post received 1120 views, and you can find it here

#8 Adding printer drivers and printers using Microsoft Intune and PowerShell

Everyone hates printers and installing drivers for users, especially because of Print Nightmare… Did two blog posts about this earlier this year, but this blog post combines those two with some extra logging. This post received 1164 views, and you can find it here

#7 Using Send-MgUserMail as the Send-MailMessage replacement

I wrote this because I used Send-MailMessage a lot for mailing logs from the script, and the message that it deprecated was there for a while 😉 This post received 1283 views, and you can find it here

#6 Create a report on local DNS lookups using PowerShell

Made this for some troubleshooting, and because I didn’t have access to Firewall logs during testing, gives a nice overview of records being queried and pinpoint traffic. This post received 1287 views, and you can find it here

#5 Report on Active Directory OU permissions using PowerShell

Used this to get an overview of Delegated Permissions in Active Directory, a good way to discover hidden admin permissions. This post received 1436 views, and you can find it here

#4 Upload Windows Autopilot hardware hash easily

Also a repetitive task during testing, so I automated it 🙂 This post received 1624 views, and you can find it here

#3 Get all Microsoft IP and FQDNs for their services

Wrote this script because some customers are very strict in their firewall rules and want me to tell them exactly what to allow from inside the network towards the internet. This post received 2123 views, and you can find it here

#2 Create a TCP/UDP port listener using PowerShell

Something that I use to test ports in customer environments that are a bit more strict with their traffic between VLANs. This script is easy to run and helped me out a lot of times. This post received 2390 views, and you can find it here

#1 Report on changed Active Directory groups using PowerShell

Monitoring admin groups is a good thing, wrote this script to automate and report that. This post received 2413 views, and you can find it here


WordPress gives a lot of insights. Statistics for this year are:

  • 72 Blog posts written
  • 54.1K Words
  • 29,023 Visitors
  • The best day is Tuesday
  • The best hour is 3:00 PM
  • The best views ever were on September 22, with 1.2K views.

And that’s it for this year, I hope that 2023 brings you lots of PowerShell and Fun 😉

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