I’m so happy that this website passed the 250.000 views mark today! 🙂 The first post was on April 21 of last year (2022), and the amount of views has been growing ever since! This blog post will tell you how and why I started the website.

Why this website?

I have been working in IT since 1996. I started as a 1st line Helpdesk employee at a big insurance company in the Netherlands. I worked as a Workplace Engineer, System/Network Engineer, and Senior Systems Engineer. For the last 5 years or so, I have been working as a Consultant for two different companies (Currently employed at NEXXT as Consultant for everything Microsoft)

Like many IT people, I Google things and read blogs and articles from other IT people. How do they do those things? I learned much from their PowerShell scripts and was always happy they shared things in the community. I thought a few times about creating my blog. I did that a few years back on a simple blog post website but didn’t do much with that and deleted it. (I named that blog JustAnotherITGuy, by the way 😛 )

Last year, I thought about doing that again and what I should write about if I started a blog website. My former colleagues always jokingly said, “A day without PowerShell is like a day not lived.” And that is what it’s like for me. PowerShell is fun for me, and why not create a blog website about that and even name it like that… https://www.powershellisfun.com was born. 🙂

After reading so many articles and blog posts from others, I wanted to return that and give my scripts and ideas to the community.

Favorite topics

I write blog posts about anything that involves PowerShell, but (because of what I do at work) anything Microsoft is my favorite. It could be Intune, Active Directory, Entra ID (Formerly Azure Active Directory), or anything Microsoft 365. Automating things, making it easier to report on something, etc. There are so many possibilities, and I like being creative in that!

Where can you find me?

In a lot of places 🙂 You can find me here, of course, and read my blogs, and comments on them are greatly appreciated! I’m also contributing a lot on the Tech Community site from Microsoft in the Intune and PowerShell community. But you can also find me on events like Experts Live, WorkplaceDudes (I will be there next week on the 4th of October), or on podcasts (I will be in one of the WorkPlaceDudes soon, but have been in others too)

But you can also bump into me at other meetups or with one of our customers, and it’s always nice to talk to other IT enthusiasts, especially the ones that like PowerShell 😉

Thank you!

And yes, thank you for reading and responding to my posts via the comments section or doing a Pull Request on my GitHub page. It’s all about sharing and learning new things; I am happy to do that with you!

4 thoughts on “250.000 views!

  1. You deserve it Harm. I learn the most from your posts. You sir are a treasure! Sorry I haven’t been that active here lately… I blame Boulders Gate 3 lol

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